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Gabriel Voisin Exhibit to open at Mullin Automotive Museum

The Mullin Automotive Museum, a Southern California institution dedicated to the preservation of French art and automobiles from the Art Deco era in Oxnard, Calif., announced it will premier an all-new exhibit celebrating the life and work of famed designer Gabriel Voisin (1880 – 1973) in fall 2012.

The exhibit will offer the most expansive look into Gabriel Voisin’s remarkable achieve-ments in automobiles, aviation and architecture to date. Museum-goers will have the opportunity to view rare examples of Voisin’s diverse work including never-before-seen concept drawings and a display of the world’s largest collection of Voisin automobiles.

As one of the most significant designers of the early 20th century, Gabriel Voisin’s creations represent the pinnacle of design and innovation of the era. Voisin’s revolution-ary designs include Europe’s first aircraft to take off under its own power and sustain flight (1907), the C6 Laboratoire race cars that triumphed over Bugatti (1922) and some of the world’s first modern prefabricated homes (1920).

“Rarely has there been an individual that has made such enormous contributions across so many disciplines as Gabriel Voisin,” said Peter Mullin founder of the Mullin Auto-motive Museum. “It is both an honor and a privilege to celebrate a man whose designs made such an impact on the world.”

The Mullin Automotive Museum is a facility that pays homage to the art deco and machine age design eras (1918-1941) that produced exquisite art and magnificent automobiles. It officially opened its doors for the first time in the beach community of Oxnard, Calif., in spring 2010. Photos by Michael Furman Photography ; Top 1934 Voisin C27 Grand Sport; 1928 Voisin Lumineuse C-11; 1934 Voisin C-27 Coupe.

Watch the video French Curves below, to see what other automobiles are in store for your visit to the Mullin Automotive Museum.

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