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Saturday Street Scenes From St Louis, Missouri

The circa-1932 lead image today containing one of the Goodyear Buick “Air Wheel” cars and a 1932 Chevrolet was taken at Manchester Blvd and Southwest Ave in Maplewood, Missouri, a suburb of St Louis. Goodyear had the Flxible Co. of Loudonville, Ohio, construct two stretched four-door sedan bodies on lengthened 1929 Buick chassis’ to promote…

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A Producer-Gas Powered Car in London

This is one more version that we have shown here, of a car running on coal-gas generated by the device which the gentleman is filling up the overhead hopper of with coal. These generators have been used during war and hard times when gasoline has been in short supply or expensive. Two types have been…

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A Pretty Woman and a 1929 Buick

This charming photo taken in Brazil, shows us Miss J. F., posing on top of the radiator and hood of a very sporty 1929 Buick Roadster. She is wearing a polka-dotted dress, high heels and an attractive hat, all in the fashion of the times. The Buick is equipped with a quite expensive accessory bumper…

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