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The Cucamonga Garage revisited

Thanks to all of reader Kevin Preston’s work, which you will see in the previous post, we know that the Cucamonga Garage (Route 66 Cucamonga, CA.) seen here in the back, has collapsed, but the service station out front has survived. This photo courtesy of Route 66 California provides us with more details about the business.

In spite of what appear to be two 1932 Chevrolets in this photo, judging by the much more modern and larger wrecker, this photo may have been taken in the late thirties or the forties.

The Goodyear tire sign leaning against the bush, seems to tell us that A.H. Morris was the proprietor and we can also see that they also sold Richfield gas from the five visible gas pumps out front.

Will a little more research, a business by the same name (Cucamonga Garage) was found listed in the 1909 Gas Review, Vol. 2 as follows:  The Cucamonga Garage, Cucamonga, California, is in the market for a small direct current generator for charging batteries. Catalogues are requested.

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