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Unrestored Preservation Class Cars on the 2012 Pebble Beach Tour

Times have certainly changed and antique automobile collectors have finally gotten in tune with the rest of the antique collecting world. The mainstream hobby has finally  come to realize that a car in reasonably good condition should be preserved as is instead of being restored.

The Pebble Beach tour is sent off in four groups with about twenty minutes in between each one to keep the cars from getting bunched up and also to keep the roads relatively clear. We were fortunate to be able to drive a car on the tour, but only had time to photograph just a small portion of the original cars at the start. The fine examples shown here were in group four, the last one to be sent off.

At the (top) is a 1932 LaSalle Sport Phaeton belonging to well known restorer Steven Babinsky and his wife Susan. It is a very nice original car that amazingly even has its original top. A side view of this car can be seen behind the Rolls-Royce (below).

In the photos (below) left to right are; A fine 1927 Rolls-Royce PI Brewster Kenilworth Sedan, belonging to the Bertolotti & Rawlings Families. This car we have featured here in the past, it was bought new by famous film director John Ford to appease his wife after being gone on a long bender with his friends. It had been repainted black, but by very careful stripping most of the good original finish was found underneath and preserved.


Next in the center, is a 1928 Packard 443 Roadster owned by Bill & Bettye Gluth. With the exception of the top this gem is in original condition. Last up is a 1932 Stutz DV-32 LeBaron Sedan belonging to Jim Callahan. This car was used up until 1939 and put away by the original owner in Chicago. Just this year it was sold by his daughter and has since been recommissioned for use.

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