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The McMillan Tire and Automobile Service Station – Part I

Today we’re featuring the first of three sets of photos that we’ll post in the next few days of a very busy McMillan Tire and Automobile Service Station located on Cascade Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. These first shots date from October, 1946 and show a variety of older model cars getting all manner of attention. Parked in front of the…

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The 1934 Ford and the Century of Progress International Exposition

In 1931, Model “A” sales in Great Britain were going rapidly downhill. Because of it’s comparatively large displacement, buyers were taxed more heavily than those of smaller British built cars, causing potential customers to stay away from Ford agencies in droves. In a crash effort to regain lost market share, Edsel Ford commissioned Eugene T….

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Edsel Ford’s 1934 Speedster

Befitting the March 31st anniversary of the introduction of Ford’s milestone motor, the flathead V-8, The Old Motor is featuring one of the most celebrated and well documented cars ever to roll behind one such powerplant.                  Better known and more highly skilled writers than myself have related the…

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