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American Auto Parts Wrecking Yard Images

This set of images of the American Auto Parts Wrecking Yard located in Grand Rapids, Michigan was taken on March 29, 1948, by the Robinson Studio for the “Grand Rapids Herald-Review” newspaper. The lead image is a view of an employee using an oxygen-acetylene torch to cut a vehicle into manageable-sized pieces. The facility then…

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Four Fun Friday Kodachrome Car Photographs No. 206

Today’s lead image contains a tastefully executed mild 1950s “California Custom” convertible. The only visible modifications are the addition of a custom grille, windshield-mounted spotlight, different hubcaps and the plastic center of the hood badge has been omitted. It may have been lowered all around, although it at least appears to have a forward rake….

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Take a Colorful Trip on Sunset Strip

The world famous “Sunset Strip” is a one and a half-mile section of Sunset Boulevard located in West Hollywood, California. The roadway extends west from the border of West Hollywood and Los Angeles to Beverly Hills. Sunset Boulevard is a twenty-two-mile-long thoroughfare that travels west from the Little Armenia neighborhood located near the Hollywood Palladium…

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