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The 1942 Oldsmobile B-44 – A Car for the Duration

Automotive styling is always a matter of personal taste. Suffice to say that the redesigned nose of the 1942 Olds was unconventional, to say the least. Ad copy pronounced the new model “Power-Styled Like the B-19″ and “Better Looking, Better Lasting, Better Built Than Any Olds in 44 Years.” The massive front end was promoted as the “Double Duty Bumper.”

Rapidly ramping up war production in combination with the forty-fourth anniversary of the founding of the company probably resulted in this most unusual designation for the last civilian cars that they would offer until 1946. The final pre-war Oldsmobile would roll off the assembly line on February 5, 1942. The photo was taken in the Dueck-Nicoll Motors paint booth in 1944.

Below you can watch a short video promoting the new car that was “heavier, huskier and more economical to run” all at once. There are many more Oldsmobile related posts here on The Old Motor. Founded in 1971, the Oldsmobile Club of America welcomes owners of all of Ransom E. Olds’ namesakes, from his earliest 1897 horseless carriage to the last Alero. Photo courtesy of the City of Vancouver.

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