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A Junior Chamber of Commerce fund raiser, Oklahoma City 1950

The Junior Chamber of Commerce in OKC, is seen hard at work here in this photo taken at Second Street and North Robinson, in Oklahoma City, during 1950. The give-away car, was a 1950 Cadillac four-door and it appears that the Junior Chamber of Commerce was being helped by women from the Jaycee’s. The sign with the Cadillac at the bottom, states to “Ask a Jaycee Jane” and the five women standing on either side of the car are wearing Jaycee Jane paper hats. The car was purchased from the Greenlease-Moore dealership. The photo is courtesy of Donald Ellis and hopefully he will be able to add a little bit more to this story.

Three years later, the dealership, Greenlease-Moore did display one of the two 1953 Cadillac Le Mans show cars seen in the photo below, courtesy of David W. Temple. On his website, Dreamcars are the stories surrounding two Cadillac show cars – both 1953 Cadillacs named Le Mans. One was a star of the GM Motorama stage, and then finally met a disastrous, fiery end. The fate of the other is currently unclear but do take the time to read Temple’s very interesting story about them.

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