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Don’t Try This at Home – Racing Dog Exercise


Times have certainly changed since this heavily retouched photo was taken on March 5, 1955 and so hopefully has racing dog exercise. Dewey Blanton of Columbus, Ohio, devised what he named his Dog – Stroller to keep his six racing dogs exercised and in shape. Blanton hooked the dogs to what he called the bumper which is seen running parallel to the side of his 1953 Chevrolet Station Wagon with a pair of long coil springs. A second longer chain would also keep them in check. Modern Mechanix has another version of this press photo were someone else can be seen driving the car.

While it might seem like a clever way to do this, we certainly don’t approve of it. You can check in here with the ASPCA to learn the humane way to exercise your dog. Photo courtesy of Benjamin Ames who has many of his very interesting photos on view here at The Old Motor.

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Sinclair Super Service in Fort Worth, Texas

S.J. Middleton’s 1953 Chevrolet 210 convertible still looked pretty new when this photo was taken, but we can’t say the same for that bathtub Nash lurking in the service bay on the far left or the Chevrolet on the other side of the pumps. This was the era of planned obsolescence, and both the older car from Kenosha and the Chevy were beginning to look a little out of date.

The uniformed attendant and free air hose located right on the pump island indicate that it was also the era when a “service station” was more than a just place to get fuel. You can find many more photos of gas stations here on The Old Motor, and some Sinclair stations, too. Photo courtesy of  The University of North Texas Libraries

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Were there “Helicopter Moms” back in 1961?

This photo leads us to believe that “Helicoptor Moms” might not be a new phenomenon as we have observed fairly recently. The location of this photo, which is dated Feb. 24, 1961, is unknown. Information with it states that parents were clogging the streets, picking up their kids at school and it had been an ongoing problem.

Regardless of the problem shown, today some fifty plus years later, it gives us a great view  of the average American iron on the road at the time. The oldest being a pair of 1953 Chevrolets and possibly the newest, being the big Chrysler with the eye brow style bumpers creating its own lane on the right middle of the photo. What is the lone import seen in the middle? Do you see anything remarkable or rare here?  Photo courtesy of Frank Barnes.

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