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The Prototype V-12 Cord Finds Its Way Back Home to Indiana

Cord built this experimental V-12 fwd car called E-1 which was very much like the L-29 car which carried a straight eight. We covered quite a bit of  L-29 Cord styling information a couple of weeks ago and also a link to to an SIA article called The Real Lost Cord.


Many of the parts of the car have survived but ended up scattered across the country. In this Part II article in SIA , Pat Tobin tells the amazing story about how these discoveries and many documents related to the car ended up back at the ACD Museum in Indiana. The remaining parts of the car were reassembled and restored into what is now a finished car that is on display at the museum. This car shows us what Cord with was experimenting in the early 1930s during the move to V-12 and V-16 engines in the high end market. Many thanks to Dan Strohl at HMN.

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