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Early Alco Lighting

Very interesting lighting is shown here, which is carried on a friend’s 1908 6-cylinder Alco. The acetylene  headlamp above is after French pattern, is quite large and carries a very interesting magnifying lens in front of the gas burner. The oil side lamp carries a very interesting pagoda style font on the top. In case you…

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Acetylene Gas Lighting

The Rushmore gas headlamps on a 1910 Locomobile and the shaking grate acetylene generator that fuels them are seen on the recent New England Brass and Gas tour. Ad copy below from Rushmore, shows how these lamps and the generator operate. The Old Motor photos. The illustration below demonstrates how the burner in the lamp and…

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Solarclipse Lighting

Solarclipse lamps were one of the most impressive and attractive lamps of their time. The design originated in France and was produced there as the Besnard Lamp. The advertising piece below shows a lamp with a dimming mechanism, which moved a dimmer in front of the acetylene gas burner, cutting the output of the lamp…

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