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It’s Almost Time for Lunch – Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C., 1934


A damp and dreary November 5th did not seem to deter these Vancouverites from running their morning errands. Our source says we’re looking north along the west side of Granville toward the Canadian National Railroad freight office. The James Inglis Reid, Ltd. shop at number 559 next door to the Campbell Studio (farside of the street) had been at this location since 1915. Reid gained famed in Vancouver as a purveyor of ham, bacon and other fine meats that he butchered and cured on site. He was proud of his Scottish heritage and did much to promote it’s traditions in Vancouver.

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Other Scottish specialties such as white puddings, blood sausage and, of course, haggis could be found there and the neon sign on his marquee declaring “We Hae Meat That Ye Can Eat”, was a fixture in the neighborhood for many years. The every day cars lining the curb would certainly be welcome at any car show today. Aside from the late 20′s Auburn Convertible Coupe in the foreground and the pair of Fords directly across the street from it, which can you identify? Photo by Stuart Thomson used courtesy of the City of Vancouver. You’ll find many more scenes of daily life from their archives on The Old Motor.

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Trick and Treat at The Old Motor


It’s that time of year again, so we thought we’d offer you our version of Trick or Treat. We’re pretty sure that the costume worn by our three-toed subject having a bad hair day in our first photo was not Auburn factory approved apparel for driving that racy looking boat tailed Speedster, but we think it might be just the thing for late October open air motoring in cool Vancouver, B.C.


And on the treat side of the ledger, this group of young participants in the Royal Canadian Legion Girl’s Popularity Contest seem very pleased with their Auburn,too. They posed for their portrait in front of the Executive Offices of that august organization at 856 Seymour Street in the late 1920′s. You’ll find many more Auburn related posts on The Old Motor, but were pretty sure this is the only one we’ve done that features a guy in gorilla suit. Both photos by Stuart Thomson are courtesy of the City of Vancouver.

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Fred Cheeseman’s Auburn Auto Sales and Service – Vancouver, B.C.

You might have seen our photos of  Cheeseman’s Goodyear Tire  and Service Garage posted here back on July 18 and this shop obviously predates it by a few years. It’s Fred G. Cheeseman’s Garage located at 1147 Howe Street in Vancouver, B.C., which was photographed on April 27, 1933, and a clean and tidy operation it appears to be. Although we can’t say for sure that these two businesses were operated by the same man, we think it’s a safe bet that they might be. Note the array of Bear wheel alignment tools prominently displayed in the showroom window and the large banner promoting the latest in car radios.


The skylights providing lots of natural light in the service bays allow us to get a good look at an intriguing piece of equipment in the center thumbnail (above). At first glance, it seemed like this was a simple alignment rack, but the rollers and gearbox under the rear wheels tell us that it is a brake testing machine. A similar Bendix-Cowdrey testing machine can be seen (above right). Auburn fans follow this link and find more interesting articles about them. These images by photographer Stuart Thomson, courtesy of the City of Vancouver.

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