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Exclusive: Original Tucker Prototype Photos

Jerry McDermott was a professional photographer in the Chicago area who took these images of a Tucker mockup and a prototype chassis, which were provided by the Automaker for pre-production articles by the press and others. The touched up, and copy-ready three-quarter side view and the rear chassis photos below were used by the New…

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The Kaiser-Frazer Go Round

In the post WWII era, the pent up demand for new automobiles encouraged newcomers to the industry to dive in with both feet. Industrialist Henry J. Kaiser was one whose wartime production experience made him especially well suited to take on the challenge. He had revolutionized the building of cargo ships during the war by…

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The Ever Popular 1932 Ford

            The very attractive and sporty new 1932 V-8 Roadster. The 1932 Ford was the long anticipated replacement for the Model A Ford. With the help of Edsel Ford’s keen eye for great automotive styling and the new V-8 engine, the 1932 Ford went on to become one of the most…

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