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Tough Times in Flint Michigan – The 1937 Strikes at Chevrolet and Fisher Body Company

The forming of the UAW, labor actions and the resulting strikes in the thirties during the Great Depression, caused unrest and a very tough and bitter time for the state of Mich-igan. Recently we showed a post strike press photo from Flint, that if you took the time to study the photo you could see the tension on the workers faces.

Since then we obtained these photos which show some of the unrest earlier in the city. Not only had all of the Chevrolet plants in the country either gone on strike or had been closed because of it, but in Flint the UAW also went on strike against the Fisher Body Company, which resulted in a long and widely published worker occupancy of the plant.


These very graphic photos show at the top what appears to be white collar workers sweeping up in the aftermath of the window breaking spree seen in the first photo just above. The second photo shows when things had turned quite serious, as we can see either an Army or Guard patrol with a machine gun set up on Chevrolet Ave. The last photo shows UAW members bringing food and milk to the plant workers that had occupied the Fisher body plant, just behind these workers can be seen the UAW Fisher Division union hall. The Old Motor photos

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A Very 1950s, Factory Studio Photograph

The only information with this photo is the date, Feb. 19, 1956 and the handwriting identifying it as being used for a traffic safety piece in one of the Detroit Newspapers. From the appearance of the photo, the newpaper article may have involved the seat belt, which published reports tell us, was first offered in the US on the Nash in 1949 and Ford also offered them as an option in 1955. If any of our readers know when the various automakers first offered seat belts, or can add  more to the fifties saftey story, please send us a comment.

If you study this scene, you can see the efforts that Detroit went to just to stage interior shots. The photo, which has not been cropped appears to be of a mockup. Study the flat sectioned area of the headliner and top, which seems to identify this as a studio prop.

We are hopeful that our knowledgeable readers can ID which of the motor companies product is shown in this photograph. The Old Motor photo.

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Auto Workers on Strike in Detroit

This is the second in a series of press photos showing the auto worker strikes and the beginning of the AFL and the UAW becoming a factor in the late 30s. This photo is dated Jan. 17, 1937 and shows workers in a demonstration in an effort to gain support of fellow workers in Detroit. The Old Motor photo.

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