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The Ford Flathead Assembly Line In 1946

Workers are seen in this Ford factory photo taken during 1946, assembling Ford flathead engines. The workers on the left hand side appear to be installing cylinder head studs. On the right hand side the second and third engines have piston ring compressors on top of them so these workers may be installing piston and connecting rod assemblies. The Old Motor photo.

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General Motors Workers Return To Work In Flint, Michigan

This photo appears to have been taken at the end of a shift at a Chevrolet plant in Flint, Michigan, right after workers had gone back to work after a strike. The caption with the press photo, taken on Feb. 1, 1937, states that forty-thousand had gone back to work in ten different plants. Note what appear to be two photographers standing atop of the Ford sedan at the far left photographing the scene.

The adjoining factory buildings on the left side of the photo were a Fisher Body Company facility were the workers remained out on the strike. This was during a very difficult  time in Flint known as “The Vehicle City” and the Fisher workers occupied their plant during the strike. The Old Motor photos.

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Steel Strike Brings Ford Production to a Halt During 1946

The Ford Motor Company’s final assembly line at the River Rouge plant, can be seen at a halt, during one of the many postwar labor union strikes in this Feb. 19, 1946, press photo. This event was caused by the nations steel worker unions, that walked off of the job in a strike in protest for better wages and working conditions.

It was reported that 40,000 Ford workers throughout the nation had been forced into idleness because of the steel strike and all of the final assembly lines had been closed down. The Old Motor photo.

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Porsche Assembly Operations

The Porsche assembly operations as seen at some point in the fifties, are quite interesting if you take the time to study the photo. One interesting hold back to days of old is the saw tooth shaped roof with its vertical windows used for natural light. It appears to be quite orderly down on the assembly line floor as one would expect to see at Porsche. The flow of work, appears to come from the right rear and towards us and then turn and head out towards the door at the left rear of the photo where we can see a car with wheels on it.

We are counting on our readers again, to tell us more about the factory and to date the cars. Photo courtesy of Tom Jakeway.

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