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Flathead Fords Waiting For a Train

Ford engine and transmission assemblies are shown above being loaded onto a open freight car at the River Rouge factory, during 1937, to start their trip on towards assembly plants. Photos below show the sign coming into the city and the complex that at one time employed close to fifty-thousand workers.

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The Knox Automobile Factory

The factory were the famous Knox automobiles were manufactured between 1900-1914. The firm also continued on with trucks and tractors until 1924. Knox was a well known maker that did very well in racing and also built very high quality fire trucks. An early two-cylinder racing car above and below a 50hp racer in what appears…

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Packard Assembly

This photo from the Packard plant reminded me of something that I read years ago about when Packard had to bring  a lower price car to the marketplace so that they could sur-vive. This was during the depression when they made the decision to bring out the one fifteen and one twenty models. Packard did…

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