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The Amazing Edmond Rumpler Designed Tropfenwagen

1921 Rumpler Tropfenwagen at the German Museum of Urban Transport Edmond Rumpler, a brilliant Austrian aircraft designer, introduced his unprecedented Tropfenwagen at the 1921 Berlin Auto Show. The teardrop-shaped body (tropfen translates to drop), with its curved glass greenhouse, produced a very low drag coefficient of only .28, which is on par with the aerodynamic cars of today. In…

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1932 Maybach Zeppelin Spohn Stromlinie

The Spohn coachwork on this Maybach Zeppelin was at the forefront of the streamlined design movement that was gaining momentum in the early thirties. It was only natural for Wilhelm Maybach and his son Karl to be involved with such a state-of-the-art design. For years the pair worked with important objectives after first starting to…

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