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More Early Brighton Beach Racing Photos

Just recently we posted photos and information from Frank Rifenberg whose Grandfather was a riding mechanic in one of the 1907 Brighton Beach 24 hour races. Today we have this photo courtesy of John Kelm who has shared with us many other early images.

This photo is taken at about the same time, circa 1907-1908 and has two cars which we can positively ID. The second car from the left, the number five is a Renault which may have been one from the batch of about a dozen that William K. Vanderbilt had built in 1907. The earlier Brighton photo we looked at also had a Renault shown in that line up.

The number one car is a Lozier, a brand which competed in many Brighton events and always did well there. The rest of the entries we are unsure of, but if you can ID any of them or have and information as to exactly which Brighton event this maybe, please let us know.  In addition to the big 24 hour race, the promoters ran many other supporting races. If you note the clock in the photo, it tells at what time the next race starts at which leads us to believe this was a support race.


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Peter Helck – 1909 Brighton Beach Race

1909 Brighton: The Winning Simplex. A painting from Peter Helck’s book Great Auto Races showing George Robertson and Al Poole on the way to winning the July 1909 Brighton Beach 24 hour race. Courtesy of the Helck family who have created the Artists webpage.

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May 13-14 Brighton Beach 24 Hour Race

A pair of images from the May 1910 Brighton Beach 24 hour event which we have covered earlier, this time showing action in the pits. Above is the Buick pit which back in the time sometimes referred to as the camp, because that is what it actually was, a place were the crew camped out. Note the pit crew operated jack in the foreground for fast tire changes.

Below is the Rainier pit with Lou Disbrow’s car in for service which is surrounded by spectators. Photos from the Peter Helck Collection, courtesy of Racemaker Press.

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