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Vintage Trucking in Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Today we have a pair of trucks that are a couple of decades apart in age, both of which were photographed in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Above is a James L. Ellsworth Express trailer pulled by an early 1930s Diamond T tractor at Eaton’s Furniture Store, probably delivering some fresh merchandise. The image below shows a heavy-duty Chevy pickup…

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Moving The Metal – Part V

A 1956 Ford F-750 “Big Job” hauling 1957 Fords Many of the cars in today’s photos date from 1957, which was a significant year in many ways. Tail fins were approaching their peak. The new Chrysler torsion bar front suspension was unique in the domestic industry, as Packard returned to conventional coil front and rear…

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Moving the Metal – Part IV

GM photo of 1954 GMC’s and Fleet Carrier’s GMC COE tractor and trailer All the trucks in our photos today share one common feature: they all would have been gasoline powered. More fuel efficient diesels might have been finding increased favor amongst common carriers in the nineteen-fifties, but the big car hauling fleet operators would…

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