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Harry Hartz’s Vanderbilt Cup Race Baby Cars

We have been following and posting photos and information for a number of years about early “Baby Cars” that were constructed during and after the 1912-’14 cycle car fad for racing, entertainment, and general use. Of particular interest are those which were used in the Junior Racing Series of America, a supporting series for the Vanderbilt Cup Races…

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Novelty Cars – A Fun Friday Newsreel Film

* Updated * Novelty Cars is a short 1:18 film produced in the typical British Pathe newsreel fashion, and contains three attention-getting early vehicles: an interesting motor sleigh driven by a propeller; a primitive cycle car, and what appears to be steam car that is equipped with locomotive-like bodywork. * Update * Reader Johnny Ringo has…

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A Texas Cycle Car – The Four Cylinder Hall

The Hall Cycle Car ferrying the “Chief Rooter” for a Baylor University sports team, presumably their baseball club. The Hall Cycle & Plating Company of Waco, Texas kept quite busy selling bicycles and Flanders motorcycles but in 1914, company principle Lawrence Hall decided to get into the fledgling cyclecar business with the 18 horsepower four cylinder machine…

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