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A Micromobile by James V. Martin – The 1928 Dart

Foreshadowing the more successful American Austin, pioneering pilot and inventor Captain James V. Martin and engineer Miles H. Carpenter built three prototypes of this six hundred pound pipsqueak between 1926 and 1929. While the drivetrain was said to have been quite conventional, notwithstanding the modified inline four cylinder air-cooled Cleveland motorcycle engine, it’s springing was…

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The 1925 Metro Goldwyn Trackless Train

This well know trackless train was built by Harry O. Magee of the H. O. McGee Manufac-turing Co. of Indianapolis, Indiana in 1924. It was first built to promote a new auto painting company (called Lykglas) that had some 250 outlets. McGee built some  sixteen trains  of varying designs all of which were powered by…

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