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Fast Traveling Stoddard-Dayton Speedster

Today’s feature image takes us back in time to Hanford, California, for a view of a very sporty-looking Stoddard-Dayton stripped of its coachwork and converted into a speedster. In an era when speed equipment was only available for racers on a factory team, and aftermarket offerings were still a few years away, the quick and…

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* Up Dated * A Monday Morning Mystery Roadster

* Updated * Thanks to all who participated with identifying this mystery photo which is a Peerless, that appears to be a 1928 Model 8-69. The following readers all identified the sporty roadster as a Peerless; Jon Lee, Mark Dawber, Gregory Wells, Raul and Charlie Beesley. Gregory Wells appears to have narrowed it down to being a 1928 due to the headlights…

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