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Moving the Metal – Part IV

GM photo of 1954 GMC’s and Fleet Carrier’s GMC COE tractor and trailer All the trucks in our photos today share one common feature: they all would have been gasoline powered. More fuel efficient diesels might have been finding increased favor amongst common carriers in the nineteen-fifties, but the big car hauling fleet operators would…

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Scenes On the Streets of Boston – Part II

Fenway Park Motors on Boylston Street near the Fenway In 1954, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Kevin Lynch began his Perceptual Form of the City project, a five year endeavor funded by The Rockefeller Foundation. He was joined in it by Professor Gyorgy Kepes at the M.I.T. Center for Urban and Regional Studies and Nishan…

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Moving the Metal – Part I

An Automobile Shippers, Inc. 1940 Dodge COE filled with 1940 Plymouths As highways began to improve in the 1920’s and 30’s, it became more viable to ship cars from the factory directly to dealers by truck rather than by rail as had been the custom. Detroit businessman Eugene Casaroll was one of the first to…

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