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Vintage Trucking in Hillsborough, New Hampshire


Today we have a pair of trucks that are a couple of decades apart in age, both of which were photographed in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Above is a James L. Ellsworth Express trailer pulled by an early 1930s Diamond T tractor at Eaton’s Furniture Store, probably delivering some fresh merchandise.

The image below shows a heavy-duty Chevy pickup truck equipped with a Mustang towing unit. It is displayed out in front the Heath Motors Sales building, a Chevrolet dealer. The sideboard displayed with it was for the City Ignition Garage in Nashua, some thirty miles away. Apparently the Garage had bought the truck new from Heath.

We have been helping the Hillsborough, New Hampshire Historical Society, date and identify the vehicles in the Societies collection of images. If you can help, tell us more about both of these machines, including the year, model and the rated capacity. You can also look back at many other interesting images from the Society here.


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A Diamond T trucks

Courtesy of Bob Apalsch, this is the first of some very interesting Diamond T factory truck photos we will be sharing with you. Bob had the following to say about this photo: The Kashou Company still exists and is owned by the same family. I grew up in the same neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisc. I’m sure that the image was taken in Chicago prior to delivery North to Milwaukee.

Below we have a much later and very beautifully style Peter Pirsch pumper truck on a Diamond T cab and chassis. Note the highly-styled grille, hood, cab and fenders along with the special Diamond T hubcaps.

Hopefully your knowledgeable readers will be able to date and tell us more about these fine trucks.

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