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Packard History Before Automobile Production

The first post from The Roderic Blood collection shows newspaper clippings above, from the Western Reserve Chronicle, Warren, Ohio December 3, 1851, advertising an early business venture undertaken by Warren Packard, who formed the company that would later bear the family name. Below is a Packard Electric Company electric motor, which was produced  by William Doud…

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An Unknown Electric

A photo of what appears to be a mother and daughter posing in an electric car, in what appears to be an exclusive setting. The car looks to be at least few years older than the 1913 date on the Ohio license plate. Note the ornate side-lamps and the patent leather fenders. We are hopeful…

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Mr. Green Visits With Us Again

Mr. Green whom we have seen before on these pages is back in his Automatic Electric Pleasure Vehicle, for one more visit along with his dog this time but without his radio. This press photo lists him as living in New Bedford, on his two hundred acre estate, so hopefully we now know were he was…

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