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Argentine Firefighter’s Drive 1925 Brockway Truck Seventeen-Thousand Miles to Trade It In

In January of 1959 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the De La Boca Volunteer Fire Department, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, four of the Department’s Firemen (Bomberos) set out on an extraordinary journey with their 1925 Brockway fire truck to Cortland, New York. The reason for the amazing seventeen-thousand-mile trek to the Brockway Truck Company located…

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Tustin, California F.D.

An interesting early hose car that is on a converted automobile chassis. This maybe a chemical unit which used a chemical reaction to build up pressure in the tank. It has an appearance that is quite close to that of a 1911-14 Cadillac chassis and perhaps one of our readers will be able to positively…

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Knox…..The Pride Of Springfield.

The Knox was manufactured in Springfield, Ma to very high standards. Knox first got his start with an air-cooled three wheeler and stayed with air cooling on the early models continuing with the four wheeled cars he next built. His first truck unit was a big three wheeled tractor for pulling a trailer. He continued…

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