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The Great Depression

This photo was taken on March 8, 1932, in front of Ford’s River Rouge plant which was supposedly was the largest factory in the world at the time. The photo is showing a hunger march that was staged there which was also referred to as a Communist Riot. This may have been the seed that…

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A Modern Ford Garage

A fully equipped Ford garage containing engine rebuilding machinery which can be seen against the back wall. Some or all of it maybe K. R. Wilson equipment, which was by the maker who produced the best that could be had at the time. Many Ford garages purchased this brand of equipment and did their own…

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The Ford Delivers…..

The Ford TT one-ton truck was one of the most used trucks in the US from its intro-duction until probably some point in the early 30’s. At that point they were being replaced as they were slow but reliable with more modern designs that could do the job better and quicker. This late 20s example…

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