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Sunset Boulevard Series: Currie’s Ten Cent Malts and Five Cent Ice Cream Cones

Today’s feature image, taken on February 7, 1938, is the first in a series of photos showing Sunset Boulevard and vehicles on it dating all the way back to 1904. This photograph shows the Boulevard traveling left-to-right at the intersection with Highland Avenue in Hollywood, California. The 22-mile long thoroughfare travels west from Little Armenia located near the Hollywood Palladium and…

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Seen On the Streets of Portland, Maine

Woodfords Corner Portland, Maine, May 12, 1947. The photo above shows the scene on May 12, 1947, at Woodfords Corner in Portland, Maine. Something must have been going on at the time when the photo was taken as a policeman is at the corner with a sign and is directing oncoming traffic from Forest Street that has…

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