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The Kurtis That Inspired The Muntz Jet

An enthusiastic response to his prototype Kurtis Sports Car from the press and public at the 1949 Indianapolis 500 helped convince Frank Kurtis to produce it in limited numbers. While he had built a number of attractive one-off customs throughout his career, he had never manufactured a road car in any quantity before. Early plans…

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The Davis Divan – A Three Wheeled Oddity

By: Gene Herman:  When successful car salesman Glenn Gordon Davis saw the “Californian”, a Ford V-8 “60”powered three wheeler designed by race car builder Frank Kurtis for millionaire sportsman Joel Thorne in 1941, he was so impressed that he eventually acquired it in 1945. It inspired him to design and produce a larger version and…

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A Pre War Harper Dry Lakes Racing Film

This is an 8 mm film by Tommy Lorbeer with very rare footage showing prewar racing on the Harper dry lake in California during 1940. In addition to the many home built Ford based racing cars and a four cylinder powered Chevrolet streamliner which Bob Rufi set a record of 140 mph, there are some thoroughbreds…

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