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“The Greatest American Racing Car” – Locomobile Old 16 – Part I

This Locomobile racing car known as Old 16, at one time was referred to as “The Greatest American Racing Car”. That title was first used by the press and later by the Locomobile Company of America in advertising after the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race, an event which was followed around the world. This Locomobile won the…

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The 1906 Frayer-Miller Racing Car

This photo shows a 1906 Frayer-Miller that was one of three that were entered in the Vanderbilt Cup Elimination race that year on Long Island. The Frayer was on a 94″ w.b. with a crankshaft-driven fan that cooled the engine. The engine itself was 7 1/4″ bore x 6″ stroke which works out to a 990.78…

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The First Brighton Beach 24 Hour Race

Because this country had no roads comparable to those in Europe and the UK, auto racing here began on dirt horse tracks. One of the early racing objectives was to cover 1000 miles within 24 hours. In August 1904 Packard designer Charles Schmitt drove a 24 h.p. model 1000 miles in 25 hours and 50…

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