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The Stout Bus – A Scarab for the Masses

The first snub nose transit buses hit the streets of the U.S. in 1931, but these were heavy, flat-faced, low speed affairs that didn’t need to take aerodynamics into account. Looking perhaps more like something out of Jules Verne than GM, our photos today show an example of the first generation aerodynamic intercity buses built…

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Packard on Land, Sea and Air Worldwide

Before the debut of the first Volvo in 1927, Swedish car buyers were entirely dependent on imports. While they often chose European automobiles, a surprising number of American built cars found their way into their garages. Case in point is this big 1928 Packard 443 convertible sedan with a rarely seen custom body by Norrmalms of…

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Gar Wood Sr. & Jr.

This very interesting press photo was taken in 1933, showing famous boat racer and manufacturer Gar Wood, along with his son Gar Wood Jr. It appears that Wood had a dynamometer set up and on it we see what maybe a Packard v-12 engine with twin Roots superchargers with the carburetors located on top of…

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