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New Years Day….Wind, Steam & Fire

New Years Day is here, so we thought that maybe we would bring in the New Year with a little noise and excitement. First off is a video of a very rare Gnome rotary aircraft engine being run for testing. Next up is a replica of Roper’s steam motorcycle, which is fully explained and then we are treated to a very interesting and entertaining test drive. Last but not least is a Curtiss OX5 Aircraft engine that is started and run on a test stand and is quite a treat to watch and hear. The notes below each video are by the individual who posted it. Enjoy and Happy New Year to all.

1918 Gnome Rotary Engine  ”Wind”

November 7, 2009, we finally got the rotary engine running right. It has an ignition selector switch that allows it to run at 1/2 power, 1/4 power, and 1/8 power. This engine will be used in a replica 1918 Nieuport 28.

Roper’s 1896 Steam Motorcycle  ”Steam”

Antique motorcycle expert Pete Gagan tells the story of Sylvester Roper’s “Steam Powered Motorcycle”, and takes it out for a test ride!

A Curtiss OX5 Aircraft Engine  ”Fire”

Starting a 1918 V8 Curtiss OX5 aircraft engine by Theo and Yesterdays Antique Motorcycles. Nederweert The Netherlands.

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