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1932 Maybach Zeppelin Spohn Stromlinie

The Spohn coachwork on this Maybach Zeppelin was at the forefront of the streamlined design movement that was gaining momentum in the early thirties. It was only natural for Wilhelm Maybach and his son Karl to be involved with such a state-of-the-art design. For years the pair worked with important objectives after first starting to…

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The Graf Zeppelin

An interesting photo captioned as being the Graf Zeppelin landing in Miami. This link will take you to photos and information about its engine pods. A very interesting video below gives you great footage and information on the air ship. The early fifth wheel trailers are by Glen Curtiss. We were able to find this…

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Take your pick

Here we have another interesting combination of technologies. The car is a Packard model 633 phaeton (1929) with the Graf Zeppelin looming above. The car beneath the zeppelin looks like another Packard, a club sedan.

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