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Steele and Studebakers

Many of our readers from Connecticut will recognize the name of the man with the microphone in our top photo today. He’s Bob Steele, who’s morning show became a broadcasting instituition on WTIC in Hartford. Walking into the station offices on a whim in 1936 to audition for a staff announcer position, he began his long career on October 1st of that year. The interview of the fire official he’s conducting above appears to be from his early days at the station,  judging by the 1939 Studebaker company car prominently displayed in the shot.

His morning show began in 1943 and ran continuously until 1991, a 48 year stint that has to rank as one of the longest in radio history. An easy going and comfortably predictable style made him popular with generations of listeners.

This factory publicity photo, dated October 27, 1940, shows two young ladies who seem very pleased to share the limelight with a ’41 Studebaker Champion. The compact size and economical small six cylinder engine of this model would make it a very desirable car to own in the days of World War II gas rationing soon to come.

Top photo courtesy of Jerry Lettieri. Bottom photo courtesy the Benjamin Ames Collection (scroll down).

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A 1906 Pope – Hartford on an AAA Run

This early photo of a 1906 Pope – Hartford as many were, was made from a glass plate negative and is of good size and quite clear. This Model L is the largest machine the Pope Manufacturing Co. made that year and was the only four cylinder. It was on a 102″ w.b., with the engine being rated at 25/30 h.p. Pope also made both a 18 h.p. 88″ w.b. and a 16/20 h.p. 95″ w.b. two cylinder model that year also.


The car is wearing a CT., plate along with an AAA banner for some form of an endurance run or tour, possibly in the Hartford, CT., area were the factory and headquarters were located. The man in the left rear seat looks as though he may be Edward H. Betts, who might have been in the last set of  Pope – Hartford photos we looked at here. He seems to have been connected with the company in some way.

The photo is from of the collection of Mark Johnson (scroll down), of the Klingberg Family Center, which hosts the annual Klingberg Motorcar Festival as a benefit event on Fathers Day weekend. Please support them if at all possible and be sure to try to attend next year’s show in New Britain, CT.

And here for your enjoyment we have a look back on an earlier time when the Pope Manufacturing Co. manufactured bicycles (circa 1895) before moving on to motorcycles and cars.

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Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All…..

A steam locomotive is shown below, that has crashed thru the back wall of the engine house in this photo captioned as being from Hartford, Connecticut. A crew has built up cribbing under the engine so that it can be jacked up to get it in back in the house.

There is a widely circulated photo of a similar event where a locomotive crashed thru the wall of a second floor depot siding to the street below.

I am confidant a train enthusiast will be able to tell us the brand and approximate year of the engine.

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