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Were there “Helicopter Moms” back in 1961?

This photo leads us to believe that “Helicoptor Moms” might not be a new phenomenon as we have observed fairly recently. The location of this photo, which is dated Feb. 24, 1961, is unknown. Information with it states that parents were clogging the streets, picking up their kids at school and it had been an ongoing problem.

Regardless of the problem shown, today some fifty plus years later, it gives us a great view  of the average American iron on the road at the time. The oldest being a pair of 1953 Chevrolets and possibly the newest, being the big Chrysler with the eye brow style bumpers creating its own lane on the right middle of the photo. What is the lone import seen in the middle? Do you see anything remarkable or rare here?  Photo courtesy of Frank Barnes.

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