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Hudson Trucks – Built for Hard Work in High Style

A 1938 Hudson-Terrplane showing it’s long cargo bed Hudson may have been a little late getting into the light truck field when they introduced their Dover brand in 1929, but they were way ahead of the game when it came to stylish, car based haulers. Long before the well known Ford Ranchero and Chevrolet El Camino…

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Some like Ice and Snow

This year has been anything but winter like in New England, and metropolitan-area skiers don’t mind a few hours’ drive for what skiing there is.  Here is a flashback to real winter in the later Thirties.   The three cars prominent in this view look to be 1936 models: a Terraplane or Hudson convertible at left,…

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A Hudson Sedan

We believe this may be a 1934 Hudson-Terraplane after seeing the Terraplane in the Hudson Ruggedness Run you will see in the next post. This car in a press photo is a sedan, with a few more accessories, as it appears to have dual side-mounts, along with metal covers and fender lamps mounted at the…

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