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Thinking Small – Baby Cars

Most of you are probably familiar with the Crosley and King Midget mini-cars that enjoyed a brief period of popularity in this country following World War II, but cycle cars  and “baby” cars, have been around since the very beginning of the Automobile Age. Voiturettes enjoyed a racing class of their own in Europe both before…

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Motorcycle board track racing in Germany

In Germany the enthusiasts take their motorcycle board track activities seriously. In the past they were using a paved or concrete track for events, but now they have found access to a wooden track.  These wonderful photos come to us via Occhio Lungo that were sent to him by Uwe Goedereis of an event in Hannover, Germany….

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Saint Louis Motordrome Racing

We are back in St. Louis again at the Motodrome and this time we are viewing what appears to be an Indian in the foreground with an unknown rider and possibly, John B. Hoefeler behind him on his Excelsior. The photo was taken by A. F. Pike on Sept. 6, 1914 and is courtesy of the Thomas…

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The Saint Petersburg Florida, Motorcycle Patrol

Four Harley-Davidsons and one Indian, along with their officer-riders, appears to have been the motorcycle contingent in St. Petersburg, during 1938. This press photo shows the officers out in front of headquarters, along with what appears to be their Captain to the left. Hopefully Bob Croslin, one of our faithful readers and a St. Petersburg…

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