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The McFarlan – The Pride of Connersville, Indiana

1915 or 1916 McFarlan Series T Seven-Passenger Touring Car The McFarlan Motor Corporation, located in Connersville, Indiana, like many other early automobile manufacturers first started out in the carriage business in 1856. 1910 brought the introduction of the first car, a large high-quality six-cylinder automobile that set the stage for all future vehicles the firm built. The…

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1909 Indy Inaugural: Remy Brassard….Peter Helck

1909 Indy Inaugural: Remy Brassard. Another fine Peter Helck artwork depicting the twenty-five-mile Free-for-All Remy Brassard race, that was held on the second day of the three day Indianapolis Speedway opening event. There were only three starters for the race; Oldfield’s white Benz, Zengle’s Chadwick and DePalma in a stripped stock Fiat which was a…

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