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International Trucks On the Job in Vancouver, B.C.

The nineteen-twenties and thirties were periods of innovation and growth for International-Harvester. Their 1924 introduction of removable wet-sleeve cylinders that substantially reduced the time and cost of engine rebuilding was an industry first. The superior hill climbing ability that the two-speed rear end offered in the 1928 Six-Speed Special proved to be very popular. Custom…

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International: The Truck of Choice at the A.C. Oil Company

E.W. Grimes, the  first oil dealer in Arkansas City, Kansas International-Harvester, now known as Navistar, literally has its roots in agriculture. Their history goes back to 1831 when Cyrus McCormick devised the first truly practical mechanical reaper, more than fifty years before the first gasoline powered vehicle ever turned a wheel. He established the first franchised dealership…

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