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“The Car That Never Drinks” The Air Cooled Knox

The Knox car, built in Springfield, MA, by Harry R. Knox was a bit different that most right from the start. The firm started out with a one-cylinder air-cooled engine which was in a very distinctive three-wheeled-tiller-steered chassis in 1900-1901. Knox soon moved to four wheels in 1902, along with a two-cylinder engine which was…

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A 1910 Knox Out For A Jaunt

A couple of gents are shown out for a ride in their 1910 Model R Knox, having a 117″ w.b. and a very advanced and powerful 40h.p. four cyl. engine along with a Tonneauette body. The photo below from the Horseless Age magazine, gives you a good look at the construction of the removable overhead…

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The Biggest Bus In The World….

George Schlitz must have thought big, in 1914 he converted the 120 passenger Stephenson bus below, so that it could be pulled by motive power. Previously it was considered to be the largest horse drawn bus in the world and it was pulled by ten horses. George modifi-ed it so that it could be pulled…

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