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Moving the Metal – Part IV

GM photo of 1954 GMC’s and Fleet Carrier’s GMC COE tractor and trailer All the trucks in our photos today share one common feature: they all would have been gasoline powered. More fuel efficient diesels might have been finding increased favor amongst common carriers in the nineteen-fifties, but the big car hauling fleet operators would…

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Slow Going on Route 66 in Missouri

Contrary to what the producers of the old television series “Route 66” would’ve had us believe, daily life along that storied stretch of highway was not always filled with drama and high adventure. Joplin, Missouri is the setting of our first photo that we’re guessing dates from about 1960. The lack of uniforms on the…

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Selling Steel with Style, Part IV

Some grilles and grins today, both pre-war and post, in more of those factory press release photos that we so enjoy. It looks like that’s a heavily retouched 1941 Nash Ambassador above, but frankly we can’t tell it apart from the lesser models by outward appearance alone. Apparently, Vera West was a Hollywood costume designer….

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