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The Sunday Edition No. IV – The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge – An Amazing Colorized Old Photograph – Early Locomobiles – A Used Car Lot

Have a spare month, a reliable old car and want to go on the adventure of a lifetime? Check out the video above that takes you on the 2013 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. The fifth running of the 8000 mile long event was conducted by The Endurance Rally Association with a wide variety cars, some dating all the…

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The 2013 HCCA New England Gas and Brass Tour

A Model “T” Ford, Model 18 Packard, Model 30 Locomobile and a Model “K” Ford. Although the weather was less than perfect, drivers of around 125 pre-1916 cars recently participated in this year’s Horseless Carriage Club of America’s New England Gas and Brass Tour sponsored by the Autoneers chapter. Held every two years in the…

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Polish Mountain, Maryland

This photo is taken at the top of Polish Mountain, MD, which at its highest elevation is 1,800 feet. The road starts in Baltimore, MD, and at its inception was the eastern start of the National Road, US 40 (MD 140). The Old Motor photo above shows a young mother and child who have posed…

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