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An OHC Hemi Engine in 1902?

This engine shown above, was made by Truscott Launch and engine works of Saint Jo-seph, Michigan. It was only briefly mentioned in the Truscott 1902 catalog as an experiment.  In 1906 Truscott began selling a marine engine that was identical to the 1905 Welch four cylinder. They also sold engines of their own design. In addition…

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A 1910 Matheson

A very Nice Spooner and  Wells photo of a 1910 Matheson Silent Six Roadster is shown above. The photo below, shows the NYC Matheson show room located in between the Corbin and Alco salesrooms, both of which were very good company. Photos from the Robert C. Laurens collection courtesy of Alan Ballard.

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1907 Matheson Model D

The Matheson in our last post on the maker had grown up into a very handsome auto-mobile. They had adopted the Mercedes design, as did many other makers and when this photo was taken during 1907, they were producing two models. The first was a 123″ w.b. with a 35 hp four cylinder engine, which…

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1905 Long Island Auto Club Run

When we last looked at the Matheson, it was from the same year (1905) that this photo was taken, showing a scene on the Long Island Auto Clubs Run. This photo which has been split in half, shows a Matheson getting some attention out in front of a carriage maker, which must have been making…

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The 1905 Matheson

A very interesting photo taken in the Matheson factory in Holyoke, MA, showing two cars side by side. The car on the right has their earlier style of radiator and the car on the left, showing evidence of much testing, is displaying the new design that they had chosen. For many more Matheson photos and…

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