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Men Of The Footplate – 1939 London Midland & Scottish Railway Documentary

We posted  General Repair  last week and before that  A Study In Steel  and many of you enjoyed both of them and have asked us for more, so this is the third film in the series that we are going to share with you. Follow along as it is a little slow at the start, but well worth the time to watch it on through to the end.

This week we will move into the care and feeding of a locomotive, as a young lad starts out at the bottom of the trade as a cleaner. The cleaners do just that, as periodically a locomotive in England was cleaned and polished. Harry Truin also attends classes and goes onto learn the trade of being a fireman, where he feeds the boiler with coal and attends to the other duties necessary to help the driver.


In this film we will also watch as Jim Hawkins already trained as a fireman, moves onto the next stage of his career, that of learning how to operate a locomotive and become a driver. Follow along as it gives us a very interesting view of a much different time.

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