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Postwar Midget Racing

Starter Bill Vanderwater throws the green flag to start a midget feature race, which was possibly run at Soldier Field in Chicago. One of the drivers in this event was the well know racer Tony Bettenhausen. July 20, 1947.

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Midget car racers in winter-1947

After WWII Midget car racing was a 7-day a week sport.  In this photo Tony Bonadies has a Ford woody with a double deck trailer ready to tow to an indoor race at an Armory in the Bronx, NY. The car on top of the trailer is the #31 Sugar Blues, a famous pre-war Midget that won many races.

Tony Bonadies was a legend in the Midget Cars with numerous wins. Unfortunately he lost his life in a racing accident at the Williams Grove Speedway in 1964.

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A Midget racer-1939

An interesting photo of Eddie Wendt who was a West Coast midget car driver. His car appears to be motorcycle engine powered, possibly by a v-twin as we can see one-air cooled cylinder thru a hood opening. Midget car racing started in California in the mid 1930s and became very popular throughout the US.  After WWII, midget racing developed into a 7 day a week craze in front of huge crowds. Even many Indianapolis car drivers became involved.

By 1950 the craze was over,  stock car racing became more popular, and TV entertain-ment in the evenings also cut down on the crowds. Even so, midget car racing still exists today.

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