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The Eads Motor Co., Lexington Kentucky and two Ford Racing Cars

  • Eads1
  • Ford-based racing cars and a Graham in front of the Eads Motor Co.

The Eads Motor Co. pictured above was located at 256 East Main Street in Lexington, Kentucky. Little is known about the operation other than what can be found on the signage on the front of the building. The agency handled Diamond T Trucks and cars from the Graham Motor Car Company. They also offered More Cash For Your Car.

Nothing is known about why the photo was taken, but one might be safe to assume that it was connected with Eads sponsoring the two young men and their Ford-based racing cars that are parked out in the street. Just behind the racers as part of the photo op appears to be a circa 1935 Graham Sedan, and directly behind it The Guaranty Finance Company and the Lexington Greyhound Bus Depot.

  • eads2
  • A Model “T” Ford-based racing car.

The racing car pictured above is based on a Model T Ford chassis that was modified and lowered. It is equipped with: Knock-off dental-drive wire wheels; Hartford shocks; what appears to be a professionally built body, hood and radiator; a non-Ford center-mounted steering box (possibly a Franklin), and a rams horn radiator cap to intimidate the competition.

What is under the hood is unknown, but it is likely it was a racing engine based on a Model T block with an o.h.v. conversion cylinder head and other special racing parts. Well built and maintained Model T Ford-based racing cars were competitive up until World War II on the rough and tumble dirt tracks in certain parts of the country. Learn more about the Model T Ford racing car here.

  • eads3
  • A Model “A” or “B” Ford-based racing car.

The second car is slightly more modern and appears to be based on Model A or B Ford components that include the front and rear axles. The frame maybe custom-made or it could be based on the side rails from an Essex frame. The front spring has had much of the arch removed from it and is attached to what is referred to as a suicide spring perch directly in front of the of the radiator.

The body appears to be professionally-built and the engine, if it was, in fact, a Ford, was likely to have had a Cragar, Hal, or a Riley two or four-port o.h.v. conversion head. Others were made and included both single and double o.h.c units. Visible on the right side of the hood is the covered down draft carburetor.

Both of the racing cars appear to be in excellent condition, with reasonably good paint work. They appear to be devoid of lettering or numbers, which may have been added later. If you can add anything to the story about the Eads Motor Company or this pair of drivers and cars, please send us a comment.    

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The Freemont Garage – Hoyt’s Ford Garage


Today we have postcard photographs of two garages for you to peruse, and while doing so maybe you can help to identify some of the vehicles at the establishments. The location of the Freemont Garage above is unknown, but we do know from looking at the front window that the shop handled both the Chalmers and the Jeffery.

There are no leaves on the trees in the background which should eliminate Fremont, California. We have found garages with the same name in Lander, Wyoming, Fremont, North Carolina and Freemont, Nebraska. Can anyone identify the location or the speedster out front?


This Ford Dealership is long gone, but the building has survived and is located at 242 Village Street in Concord, New Hampshire. Penacook is part of the northern end of the city of Concord and the building appears to be located on Route Three, a north to south artery. Let us know if you can to identify the non-Fords in the circa 1912 photo. Both images are from the MTFCA Fourm, and you can learn all there is to know about the Model T Ford at the MTFCA website.

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The Sunday Edition No.VII – The 1957 Pikes Peak Hill Climb – Double-Ended Model T Ford – A Streamlined Motor Home

The video for our Sunday Edition today was produced for the Socony Mobil Oil Company and shows and describes the running of the 1957 Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The event was sanctioned at the time by USAC with classes for both open-wheeled championship type racing cars and stock cars. In addition to the racing cars, at points in the video there are some interesting views of parked spectators cars. Bob Finey won the champ car class, and Jerry Unser took the stock car class win.

You can learn more at about the history of the event at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The video is courtesy of the pikespeaklibrary.


Reader Stan Fleming sent in this photo of a double-ended novelty car, made out of a Model T Ford. By the mid to late-teens used Ford’s and parts could be obtained cheaply and we assume that the first of these may have been constructed starting in that period or the 1920s. If anyone knows more about the origin of this type of car or the details behind this later one, please send us a comment.


In response to our recent post on the Zephyr Land-Yacht, reader Lillian Manfried from the United Kingdom sent us a copy of this press photo she bought at a flea market. She would like to learn more about it including the constructor and what type of chassis it is on. Send us a comment of you have any knowledge about it and can help out.

The Sunday Edition is for reader contributions, please join in and share with other vintage car enthusiasts from all around the world. If you have a great photo, know of an excellent video, a mystery or story, contact us here (we will send you and email address) and include your full name so we can credit your submission.

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The Sunday Edition No. III – Coachbuilder Mark Nugent – A Mystery Pierce-Arrow – Downtown Sioux Falls – A Model T Motorhome

Ross Colebatch, Digital Communications Producer at the Australian Design Centre contacted us this past week to let us know about the video he has produced about Mark Nugent, of Dubbo N.S.W. and his coachbuilding operation. The Design Centre is an arts and crafts promotional organization supported by the Australian Government.

In this video of Mark in his shop, he explains the history of coachbuilding and the process of designing and making the coachwork on vintage BMW 328 chassis for an American client – a two and a half year process. The custom coachwork being built on a Bentley chassis is also covered. Learn more in our earlier coverage on Mark Nugent’s shop.


Lee Martin sent in this photo of his great-grandfather, second from the left who was from Schenectady, New York. He reports that he was a very successful and influential businessman who helped to promote the cause for better streets and sidewalks in the City. He would like to know more about the car, which appears to be a circa 1912 Pierce-Arrow. We will leave it to the Pierce experts to tell us if it is a Model 48 or the larger Model 66.


Reader Frank Barnes sent in this photo which he believes was taken during 1958 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Can any of our readers tell us more about the scene and date the newest car in the image, which might help in narrowing down the year?


And finally, Scot Carr has this very interesting photo of a very quaint-looking Model “T” Ford motorhome. He is wondering what year the chassis might be, and if anyone knows anything more about the car or the circumstances behind its construction. It appears to be post-1918 judging but the chassis construction, but let us know what you may determine.

This new Sunday Edition is for reader contributions, please join in and share with other vintage car enthusiasts from all around the world. If you have a great photo, know of an excellent video or story, contact us here and include your full name so we can credit your submission. If you have a photo to submit, we will send you an email address you can forward it to.

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