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An F.W.D. Model T Racer, A Poor Man’s Miller

We have always wondered about this car, who built, who owned it, where was it raced? The photo has enough clues so that maybe the location can possibly be pieced together or hopefully one of our readers may know more about this “Ingenuity Special”.

It is modeled on a front-drive Miller and is based on Model T components. It features a Model T engine and transmission turned around and hooked up to the center section of a T differential. Like the Miller, it is equipped with a tubular front axle possibly from an early car set on its side. Two types of U-joints are used for the half-shafts and the hubs and spindles are unknown components.

It appears to be equipped with an OHV racing head and based on the locations of the header and the down-draft Winfield carburetor, it may have been a Frontnac rocker-arm unit. It is also on a set of professional grade racing wire wheels and has rear wheel brakes on a simple tube axle. Both ends of the car are sprung on quarter-elliptic springs.

The Studebaker just behind it is about a 1930 model, which dates the photo to at least that late. Note the Model T to the left with the “Auto Races” sign on the windshield along with what appear to be a several Model T based racers in the background. Let us know what you may know.

If you enjoy Model T Ford racing cars be sure to see a 1929 Fronty Ford catalog (scroll down) we have posted here. And you can also see a few Model T Ford speedsters here.

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The Frontenac Ford Catalog Part III – The Parts to Assemble Your Own Car

The previous two installments we have posted here of the 1929 “Fronty-Ford” catalog showed us engines, cylinder heads and even complete cars for sale ready to race. For the great majority of racers back in that time, buying a race ready to race car was not an option.

This post at top shows us the various options all the way from a complete body to only the cowl and seat section. The chassis was also offered with a specially shortened frame equipped with spring lowering brackets, along with also being offered with the complete front end assembly and lastly with the race modified rear axle assembly.

The first page below offers several options for counterbalanced and oversize crankshafts to replace the undersized original. Also offered are stronger connecting rods with over-sized big-end bearings along with several versions of racing pistons.

The second page below offered Winfield and Zenith carburetors, a racing magneto, special exhaust manifolds for the firms cylinder heads.


The third page above covers the special oil and water pumps necessary along with all of the required parts to set up both systems. The Ford had neither an oil or water pump and both were needed for high-speed use.

The last page covers some of  the chassis parts and wheels the average racer would buy to lower or make his home made car safer on the track.

At the highest level of racing, using the Model T Ford, few of the original Ford parts were used and the rest replaced with hand made or manufactured parts. The high end car usually only used the following original Ford parts which were then modified; frame, front and rear axles, torque tube, engine block, engine and transmission under pan. The transmission was modified and the original cast iron flywheel was turned down from roughly 16′ dia. to only about 10″ to lighten it and also keep it from exploding at high engine speeds.

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The Frontenac Ford Catalog Part I

A week or so ago we posted some very interesting photos of early customs from Charlie Beesley’s motor life.blog. Also on his blog, Charlie has the two photos shown here of a Model T Ford speedster, wearing 1919 Montana plates. Having an interest in Model T Ford racing cars since youth, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to the fascinating world of Model T Ford SPEED, racing equipment and cars.


This early “Stutz” look – a – like appears to be a fairly tame road going speedster that may have been a father and son project judging by the faces in the cockpit in the photo below. Only ten years later, you can see from the excerpts of this 1929 Arthur Chevrolet Racing parts catalog above, just how far the racing equipment for the Model T had developed.

By the mid-twenties the Model T Ford was the most widely raced car in the county and a ”Fronty Equipped” Ford managed to place fifth in the Indianapolis 500 race. Check out the pages of the “Fronty” catalog above and study them, as we will share more of this very interesting assortment for you in the near future. Included will be the dohc-16 valve cylinder head they manufactured, along with a complete line of racing parts and cars. See Part II of the Fronty catalog here.

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