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The Harland Krause Motorcycle Photo Album

This is the fifth and last installment of photos from the Harland Krause Motorcycle Photo Album. The Model “T” Ford speedster (above) is the second view of it shown in this series, and the earlier image can be seen here. It appears that when it was built the chassis components offered with the Mercury Speedster were used,…

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The Harland Krause Motorcycle Photo Album

Indian Scout hill climbing machine and automobile

* Updated * Reader Peter Christianson has identified the car as an early Wills Sainte Clair. Here is the forth batch of photos from the Harland Krause Motorcycle photo album and this time the images show a couple of the automobiles that were involved with the group of riders. The feature photo and two more (below) show a…

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Repair Row – Montclair, New Jersey

A Mercer Raceabout, Model T Ford Speedster and a Stutz Touring car in Montclair, New Jersey. Many towns and cities usually have an area where older or inexpensive new buildings are located that cater to industrial uses and the service trades. This circa early-1920s photo courtesy of Charles Heyer shows what appears to be one of…

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A Stylish Model “T” Ford Speedster

This represents only one of the thousands of Model “T” Ford Speedsters built across the land by young men and women back in the 1910’s and 1920’s when they were quite popular. A used Model ‘T” chassis could be purchased quite cheaply at the time and rebuilt quickly into a special as we see here….

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