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Motorcycle board track racing in Germany

In Germany the enthusiasts take their motorcycle board track activities seriously. In the past they were using a paved or concrete track for events, but now they have found access to a wooden track.  These wonderful photos come to us via Occhio Lungo that were sent to him by Uwe Goedereis of an event in Hannover, Germany.


Uwe reported: This was my board track meet last weekend on a real wooden board track and it was a great success. All of the riders were happy to have a real wooden track under their wheels. It was a great day with wonderful sounds from the bikes. We had to stop because a little wooden plank was broken……yes we were too fast!!!  Photos © 2012 Uwe Goedereis. Our hats of to them for showing us their fine motorcycles and enthusiasm.


You can see and hear the sounds on an interesting video of one of their past vintage motorcycle track racing events in Bielefeld, Germany by clicking here.

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Saint Louis Motordrome Racing

This is our third in a series of photos showing the track, riders and machines that “Rode The Boards” in St. Louis.

This appears to be John B. Hoefeler with his Excelsior Auto-Cycle. The other rider with the No Tsu Oh Oil Jersey is unidentified.

Note the total lack of front or rear suspension and brakes. Without brakes, the only way to slow down was to hit the kill button and use the engine compression as a brake. The machines were direct drive without a clutch, just a chain from the engine sprocket to the rear wheel (all of the bikes in these photos have had the chains taken off for ease of moving).

This photo gives us a good view of the pine 2 x 4 track surface that became quite rough with the passage of time and weather. You can see Hoefeler’s cushion strapped to the gas and oil tanks to keep him from banging his chest on the top frame tube. Photo by J. R. Eike, courtesy of the Thomas Kempland Collection. 

Below is a modern video filmed in Germany of an event that is held on what appears to be a bicycle racing track, even though it is different, it still gives you a feel for what track racing it was like.

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