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Attractive and Sporty Early Mystery Machine

This attractive circa-1912 seven-passenger touring car crossed our radar screen, and since we have not had an early mystery car recently, it appears to be a perfect candidate. After spending some time viewing images and US manufacturer’s photos of four popular brands of cars of the period with a similar appearance, all of them of…

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Thought-Provoking Mystery Front Wheel Drive Car

By Hampton C. Wayt:  Automotive engineers have experimented with front wheel drive technology long before Harry Miller made them a regular on the racing circuits or companies like Cord, Ruxton, Tracta, and Citroen placed them in our driveways. The Old Motor has covered several interesting early examples over the years, such as the Walter Christie…

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* Updated * A 1913 Glide Scout Roadster

1913 Glide model 45 Scout Roadster

Both the Scout Roadster pictured above and the Touring Car shown below are Glide 45 h.p. models. Readers Robbie Marenzi, Areijan Bos, and Zcarstvnz all correctly identified the maker. The Glide was manufactured by the Bartholomew Company in Peoria Heights, Illinois between 1902 and 1920. Deputy Chief Thompson of the Vancouver B.C. Fire Department is in the passenger seat of the attractive…

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