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Packard Assembly

This photo from the Packard plant reminded me of something that I read years ago about when Packard had to bring  a lower price car to the marketplace so that they could sur-vive. This was during the depression when they made the decision to bring out the one fifteen and one twenty models. Packard did…

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A Winter Front.

In the winter of 1928 a fashionable Lady prepares to board her Packard Sedan . The Packard is equipped with a Winter Front on the grille. The winter front controls the amount of cold air entering the radiator to aid in bringing the engine up to operating temperature. This was from the time before thermostats…

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Service in Springfield

I believe this interesting photo was taken in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Packard Motor Car Company of New York held the distributorship for Packard in Springfield (as well as in several other cities outside the NY metro area), and we see it on the back of the Indian service cycle. Indians were manufactured in Springfield, and…

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