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The 1913 Packards and the New Model 38 Six

The Packard Model 48 Six for 1913 as usual, had the typical Packard upgrades without any big changes. The most notable being the addition of a generator to keep the battery charged with the use of the new electric headlamps, but for some reason a starter was not fitted, when most of the other luxury…

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The 1912 Packard Models and the New Model 48 Six Cylinder

As we mentioned in our last post covering the 1911 Packard, the firm had made the big move as most of the other high quality manufacturers had, or were planning to do and announced the companies Model 48 six cylinder engine as can be seen above. It is very similar to most big American six…

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Billy Campbell’s Packard – Visalia Road Race 1913

 By:  Leigh Dorrington: These photos show what looks like a Packard Six Model 48 entered and driven by its owner, W. S. “Billy” Campbell with mechanician C. W. Brady in the 100 mile free-for-all road race at Visalia, California on July 4, 1913.  Our database of early race results confirms that Campbell and his Packard…

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